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11/7/2008 LA Times (click here.)

10/31/2008 Bluffton Today (click here.)

10/29/2008 North Shore News in Canada (click here.)

10/23/2008 SheKnows.com (click here.)

10/21/2008 Globe & Mail (click here.)

10/20/2008 Marin Independent Journal (click here.)

10/12/2008 The Florida Times-Union (click here.)

Birds On Broadway coverage:

12/22/2008 Inc. Technology (click here.)

9/23/2008 Pet Life Radio (click here to listen)

9/20/2008 The Doggy Chronicles (click here to for the sound clip and article)

9/17/2008 New York Daily News (click here)

9/16/2008 CW 10:00 p.m. News

9/16/2008 The Wall Street Journal Market Watch

9/16/2008 Fox news (click here to watch the video)

9/3/2008 TMZ (click here)

 Other reports...

  • 9/17/2008 Adfreak.com (click here.)
  • 9/18/2008 blip.tv (click here.)
  • 9/20/2008 viddler.com (click here.)

WebVet.com site launch coverage:

10/2/2008 Reuters (click here)

9/17/2008 New York Daily News

"A new Website has launched an online competition for talented birds that have a shot at chirping their way to a $2,500 cash prize." (click here for the full report.)

9/17/2008 Killerstartups.com  

"Pets are members of the family. Having a site for you to consult about their health should be appreciated by anyone who cares enough about their pets." (click here for the full report.)

8/11/2008 AllMyFaves.com

"If you love your pet, this site is a must." (click here for the full report.) 

8/6/2008 SocialAddict blog  

"I am super stoked about this site -- WebVet -- an online resource and help-center for pets. It's similar to WebMD in that it provides a platform to research physical and emotional symptoms, but now it's specifically for your beloved pets. Not only does it provide a portal for medical conditions and research, but it also provides breaking news coverage, lifestyle and human interest stories, and a way for you to connect with similar pet parents. It's a very comprehensive resource for pet owners and I know I'll definitely use it when I'm curious or need to learn more about a symptom or condition [my dog] my be experiencing." (click here for the full report.)

8/4/2008 TechCrunch.com

"When you're looking for reliable information about human medical conditions, you can always turn to health portals like WebMD, RightHealth, OrganizedWisdom or iMedix. But what if your cat has stopped eating or your dog has started losing its hair? You'd probably resort to Googling the symptoms in hope that you could save yourself a trip to the vet. 

WebVet is a content site launching today [August 4, 2008] that aims to provide a comprehensive collection of articles regarding pet health so you don't have to scratch around the net for this information. It begins by focusing on dogs, cats, birds and other small animals, but founders Hope Schultz and Bill Zaccheo plan to expand coverage to include exotics, fish and farm animals." (click here for the full report.)

8/4/2008 WashingtonPost.com  

"WebVet, The 'WebMD for Pets.'" (click here for the full report.)

8/4/2008 The Wall Street Journal Market Watch  

"First whole-pet health and wellness Web site launches. WebVet.com answers pet owners' need for one trusted, veterinarian-approved resource." (click here for the full report.)

8/4/2008 ABC Philadelphia  

"Similar to WebMD.com, [WebVet.com] offers searches on symptoms and illnesses, but it also acts as a great resource for healthy pets, too. The site provides everything from medical information and advancements, to orginal lifestyle and human-interest stories." (click here for the full report.)

8/4/2008 901am New Media News  

"From Lyme disease to rabies, you can uncover symptoms of each condition. Twenty-five freelance writers produce the content. The cool part is that all articles are approved by a licensed veterinarian. The site also indicates when the content was last reviewed for accuracy." (click here for the full report.)

Other reports...

  • 9/1/2008 US REO Properties (click here)
  • 8/28/2008 The Plain Dealer (click here)
  • 8/27/2008 Post-Bulletin (click here)
  • 8/23/2008 The Seattle Times (click here)
  • 8/15/2008 The Miami Herald (click here)
  • 8/12/2008 SnifNYCDogs (click here)
  • 8/7/2008 JC Phillips morning show on 99.3 FM (click here)
  • 8/4/2008 Webdev 2.0 (click here)

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