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WebVet Photo Contest!

Does your dog ever go nuts behind your fence, wishing he or she could see the source of sounds and smells that travel into your yard? If so, enter Webvet's latest photo contest for a chance to win a Pet PeekTM -- the window for your fence!
The Pet Peek can help eliminate jumping over fences, digging under fences and chewing holes in fences. "Dogs confined in fenced areas can be seriously injured because of their curiosity to see out," explains Pet Peek Inventor and Best Friends Care President Carolin Best. Installation is simple and retail cost is under $40.
Best Friends Care began manufacture of PetPeeks in 2005 and now distributes in Australia and Canada as well as the U.S.
Best is a former Humane Officer of Fairfax County, Va. She has always owned multiple pets and taken a keen interest in animal welfare. When she lived on Colorado's Western Slope, she saw a need that inspired her to found the Animal Humane Society of Ouray County. Now known as Second Chance Humane Society, it continues to help stray, injured and abandoned pets in a rural area that once had no resources for unclaimed pets.
Best's company routinely donates Pet Peeks to charitable causes.
Our contest is simple! To enter, just "Like" us on Facebook and post your photo! All entries must be received by February 24th.

Check out Pet Peek on Facebook! For more information on the product, click here!

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