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Physical Characteristics
  • Recognized in four colors: sable, champagne, blue and platinum
  • Carry surprising weight for their size
  • Coats tend to be very short with a satin-like texture
  • Large and expressive eyes
  • Lively and playful both as kittens and as adults
  • They often mature into charming, yet stubborn, executives
  • Extremely people oriented
  • Good with children and other pets
Medical Conditions
  • Needs boosters by 12 weeks old
  • Annual vet visit for checkups is important
While the listed ailments may be common in this breed, not all members of the breed suffer from these conditions. Responsible breeders screen for orthopedic and genetic diseases.
At Home
  • Does best indoors
  • Needs sufficient scratching device
  • Declawing is not recommended
  • Kittens are available after 12-16 weeks
  • Easily groomed
  • Trim nails regularly
Other Facts
  • Often described as 'bricks wrapped in silk'
  • Dog-like qualities allow for the Burmese to learn to retrieve and even enjoy traveling in the car, if introduced at an early age
  • Many Burmese converse with humans by using soft and sweet voices
Breed History
  • In early 1930s, a walnut-brown female from Burma was bred with a Siamese
  • It was then established that the Burmese was a distinct breed
For more information about this breed and breeder referral contacts, please visit the Harrier Club of America For breed rescue opportunities, visit HCA Rescue
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