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Are Dogs Or Cats More Expensive?

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It's a good thing that owning a pet comes with little perks like, ya know, longer lifespans, improved health and superior self-esteem -- cause they're certainly not cheap.

However cats are generally cheaper than most dogs, which is probably a likely reason why there are more pet cats in the U.S. than pet dogs. The first year of any ownership comes with a bigger balance line as one must cover spay/neuter costs and basic supllies. But once the the splurge subsides, it's actually small dogs who are the easiest to maintain.

The ASPCA studied the average costs of pet ownership and here's how the numbers shook out:

Small dog: $1,314 the first year, $580 per year after

Medium dog: $1,580 the first year, $695 per year after

Large dog: $1,843 the first year, $875 per year after

Cat: $1,035 the first year, $670 per year after

The annual costs include food, regular medical expenses, toys, treats, litter, poop bags and miscellaneous spending. If the numbers seem high, you're going to cringe when you hear that they're only the minimum. The ASPCA noted, “You shouldn’t expect to pay less than this, and you should definitely be prepared to pay more. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of unexpected veterinary care, as well as boarding facilities, pet sitters and dog walkers, if you plan to use them.” Eeeeek!

This study reads like a MasterCard commercial, because while you can put a price on all of these expenses -- the love between a pet and its human is, (you guessed it) PRICELESS!


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