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Woman Addicted to Eating Cat Food

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Salivating over cat treats and wet food is perfectly normal behavior from your furry feline friend. But for a grown human woman? Not so much.

Mary (last name unsurprisingly kept secret) acknowledged the oddity of her eating habits with an appearance on My Strange Addiction, in which her weird habit was explored.

The 46-year-old Michigan women said was first inspired to dine with her cats after the breakdown of her marriage. Although it started as an "innocent urge," Mary says she instantly got hooked on the feline food.

What exactly is the appeal you wonder? Mary explained, "They just burst with flavor in your mouth and I love them. When I start thinking about a certain flavor of cat treat, my mouth will water." Now you can relate to your kitty a little better when he or she starts meowing for some beefy flavored biscuits.

The upside (if there is such a thing), you'd imagine would be the cost. Cat food is pretty cheap, right? Wrong. $200 on cat food for herself every month, which she admits is more than she spends on human food.

Mary's brother Tommy probably spoke for you, and everyone else watching or reading when he remarked, "It's gross. There are four basic food groups and cat food is not one of them.”


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