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NFL Bird Mascots

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NFL mascots are a mix of ferocious felines (Panthers, Bengals, Jaguars), cartoonish muscle heads (Chargers, Steelers), with some horses (Colts, Broncos) and dogs thrown in (Browns, Saints). But there's one species that dominates the league's mascots --  and they have wings. 
With five teams choosing to be represented by these feathered creatures, birds reign supreme in the NFL mascot realm. While we wouldn't necessarily put our money on a cardinal against, say, a ram in a one-on-one fight, on the costumed sidelines they're all fair game -- or fowl.
Meet the NFL's 5 feathery mascots:

Blitz: Seattle Seahawks 

Photo credit

Name: Blitz
Born: September 13, 1998
Birthplace: Kingdome
Home: CenturyLink Field
Height: 6' 1" (a touchdown & extra point)
Weight: Featherweight
Hobbies: Reading, Fitness and Birdwatching

Bio info courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks

Poe: Baltimore Ravens

Photo credit

Hobbies: Rapping on chamber doors and flying south (for the Super Bowl!)
Favorite TV Show: That's So Raven
Favorite Song: "I Believe I Can Fly"
Lifetime Goals: To celebrate another Ravens Super Bowl victory and to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poe-etry
Favorite Foods: Crab Cakes and Poe-tato Chips
Favorite School Subjects: Recess and Lunch
Arch Nemesis: The Terrible Towel
Famous Quote: "Nevermore!"

Bio info courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens

Big Red: Arizona Cardinals

Photo credit

Hatched: Oct. 4th, 1998
Home: University of Phoenix Stadium
Height: 6-4
Wingspan: 7 feet
Position: Center (of attention!)
Favorite Foods: Bird seed and Gummy Worms ... NO Chicken Wings!
Hobbies: Playing guitar, Dancing, bowling, and beating up on Seahawks, Rams, and Niners
Favorite T.V. Channel: Animal Planet
Lifetime Goals: Support my Cardinals all the way to the Super Bowl!
Personal Accomplishments: Four-time Pro Bowler
Favorite Song: Bird is the Word
Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Bio info courtesy of Arizona Cardinals

Swoop: Philadelphia Eagles

Photo credit

Height: 6'3''
Weight: 216 lbs.
Position: Center of Attention
Jersey: #00
Hatched: In the Philadelphia Zoo in December of 1995
Resides: South Philly, in the Eagles Nest high atop Lincoln Financial Field
Diet: Smaller birds such as Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, and Seahawks; and of course cheesesteaks and soft pretzels

Bio info courtesy of Philadephia Eagles

Freddie Falcon: Atlanta Falcons

hoto credit

Height/Weight: N/A
Twitter Followers: 3,541
Appearance fee: $300 per hour or $180 for 30 minutes.

Source: Atlanta Falcons
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