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Internet Cat Film Festival Is Purrr-fect Fun!

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If there was any doubt that cats were the internet's most popular animal, look no further than the Internet Cat Film Festival, which took place on August 30th in Minneapolis, MN.
While internet feline stars (Maru, Keyboard Cat) rack of millions of views online, the festival was an experiment to see if the phenomenon extends outside of one's living room and into a public realm that requires interacting with others beyond the computer screen. 
Katie Hill, who first suggested the idea, explained, "It is a cultural phenomenon that raises some interesting questions." However she noted, "I'm not a behavioral psychologist, I'm not a sociologist. I just think they're funny and cute, and I think a lot of other people do too."
What exactly does attending a cat film festival involve? Powering through about 70 videos in 60 minutes. Organizers received about 10,000 submissions for the festival after expecting several hundred. Those were narrowed down to the top 70, which were shown at the event.
Check out some of our favorites!

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