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Extreme Pampering: Luxury Hotel for Dogs

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Americans are adopting fewer pets than ever, but those who do find homes are certainly being spoiled -- if their parents can afford it. Enter, the D Pet Hotel in Manhattan. For dog owners who wouldn't dream of putting their precious pups in a kennel, this posh alternative provides luxury accommodations for dogs while mom and dad are away.
The 10,000-square-foot property has 40 standard suites -- just for the dog -- that come complete with designer Kuranda dog beds ($79 a night). If that isn't good enough for your pooch, try one of eight "sensational suites" that are fixed with feature flat-screen TVs with DVD players ready to roll canine faves like "Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and “Fox and the Hound."
If your eyes aren't bugging out of your head yet, listen to this: There are two $200-a-night “ubersuites” feature a queen-size bed, 19-foot ceilings and 42-inch TVs with cable.
The price-per-night also gets your pup house kibble and unrestricted playtime  in three doggy parks on the hotel’s upper floors. But the experience can of course be enhanced. $9 a meal buys your pup  brown rice with vegetables, lamb or chicken -- and for an extra $60 an hour, staff will walk your dog around the neighborhood.
And what luxury hotel would be complete without a spa? Not this one, where "pawdicures" and hot-oil treatments for dry skin or dry coats are offered by in-house celebrity groomer Ali McLennan.
“We thought the concept was perfect for New York. It’s tough to find a home away from home for dogs,” said co-owner Kerry Brown. 

Photo credit: NY Post
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