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13 Alternative Uses For Kitty Litter

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Replace your shoe inserts and foot spray: Put some litter in a pantyhose foot, tie off the top, and leave overnight. (You can also stash one of these in camping tents, suitcases, picnic coolers, and other items you only use seasonally so that they don't smell quite as fusty coming out of the attic.)
Get paint cans ready to recycle: Many cities won't let you throw out a couple of inches of paint, and you can't just pour it down the drain. (Well, you can, but: please don't.) But you can chuck/recycle paint cans once the paint is dry; dump a bunch of litter into the can and speed up the process.
Soak up the smell of a rodent that died in your walls: If you live in an old house, as we do, and have a recurring problem with squirrels getting lost in the walls and meeting their makers, then stinking up your living room, we can tell you firsthand that litter will really help. The Fresh Step variety with the charcoal bits is best, and cheaper than the specialty activated charcoal; set out a big tray of the stuff, light
Give living household rodents the boot, humanely: You'd think the resident felines would take care of this problem for you, but it doesn't always work out that way. Pouring litter down mole tunnels and into the entrances of mouse holes will encourage your nibbly guests to shelter elsewhere (they hate the smell).
Mop up grease and other garage spills: A 10-pound sack soaks up up to a gallon of liquid; pour over spills, then sweep up. (Try grinding into the spill with a brick or an old shoe for faster results.)
Freshen the trash can or diaper pail: Huck a couple of tablespoons into the bottom to head off odors.
De-must books and other vintage items: Whether you're getting ready to sell stuff on eBay, or trying to un-funk a book you got at a yard sale, try sealing them overnight in a container with clean litter, which will suck up smoke and mildew smells.
Make a facial mask: Use an all-natural, 100-percent clay unscented litter for this one: 3 Tbsp litter + 3 Tbsp water, then grind the mixture with a mortar and pestle.
Drive your car out of snow and ice: Keep a bag in the back seat to create traction if your car is stuck. In a pinch, you can use it on your front walk in wintertime, too - it won't melt ice, but it will create tread.
Get more moisture into the garden: Mix soil and litter in equal parts before planting; the litter will soak up and retain moisture, keeping your plants well watered.
Keep your fish pond algae-free: You don't need much - about a pound of litter for every 2000 gallons of circulating pond water. Just drop it on in there; some initial muddiness is normal, and will clear up shortly.
Arrange some flowers: You can use the litter in vases to anchor dried or artificial flowers - or to ramp up the drying process if you're drying your own blooms. Place the litter in a flat container; lay the flowers along the top; seal the container; revisit in a week to ten days. 
Kibosh BBQ fires: A layer of litter in the bottom of your barbecue grill will prevent grease fires from starting. Spread two inches in the bottom, then add the charcoal on top; change out the litter when it gets soaked with drippings.

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