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5 Cats Who Belong In The Olympics

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It seems like the Olympics are for everybody. In addition to the main Games, there are the Paralympics, there's even an official Dog Olympics. But what about cats? Aren't they the most agile of us all?

Here are a few examples of why they deserve to be in the Games -- or at least have their own!

Trampoline: This is a real event at the Olympics, you know!

Long jump: If they only counted jump-body size ratio, a cat would beat any human in this event!

Agility: We'll call this, say . . . the relay. Really it was just too cute not to include.

Swimming: 8 gold medals? Watch out Michael Phelps -- this guy is coming after your record!

Gymnastics: No offense to this adorable somersault-er, but have you seen what those people are doing in London?? Kitties might have to take silver here.

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