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Andy Murray's Dog Tweets, Blogs and Inspires

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Andy Murray might not have won Wimbledon (yet), and while Great Britain was crushed he didn't become the first Brit to take the title since 1936 -- Maggie May and Rusty didn't care what the result was.
Maggie May and Rusty are the Border Terriers that Murray shares with his girlfriend, artist and animal lover Kim Sears. The pups are more than just companions for the couple. They're muses for Sears -- a professional pet portrait-painter -- and Maggie is a prolific writer, maintaining an active Twitter account as well as penning guest columns for blogs like TheTennisSpace.com.
Want to know more about them? Maggie can introduce herself, thankyouverymuch: "Let’s get this straight. I’m not your ordinary tennis player’s dog. I don’t even like tennis balls for a start. I’ll chew them, sure, and rip them to pieces – but don’t even think about asking me to fetch. I have people to do that for me these days."
Sears acknowledged that Maggie is the more pugnacious pup, noting that she's likely to pick fights and chase deer, while Rusty likes to "finish my tea and eat soft furnishings."
One player on tour who probably stays clear of Murrays furry pals is Rafael Nadal, who wrote in his autobiography that he doesn't like animals -- especially dogs -- explaining that "I doubt their intentions."
Advantage Murray!

Maggie May:

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