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Woman Smashes Stranger's Window To Save Dog

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An Albuquerque woman is giving thanks to a stranger who vandalized her car -- for a good cause. Susanne Jones smashed a stranger's car window to free a dog locked in the sweltering vehicle.
Jones told a local TV station, "The temperature was very hot, the car had to have been very hot. It was not sitting in the shade. She didn't have a sun visor up and I just felt like if I stayed there and watched I was gonna watch the dog die."
The dog's owner admitted she violated city animal ordinance by leaving her pup in such a dangerous situation while she took her 98-year-old mother to a doctor's appointment. At a hearing in the case, Jones recalled that she dialed 911 upon seeing the pup, but was told she had to call the main city hotline at 311 -- where she was connected to the Animal Welfare Department and filed a report. But after 40 minutes without a sign of the dog's owner, she had to take matters into her own hands.

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She then grabbed a club out of her own car and smashed the rear window on the driver's side to let some air in for the dog. The police and owner, Cissy King, subsequently came to the scene -- and cops informed King she'd broken the law by leaving her dog -- but said she could file a counter-complaint regarding the vandalism.
King said after her hearing, "The officer asked if I wanted to file a counter-complaint. I said about what, and he said about the lady who broke your window. I said absolutely not - no - I'm sure she did what she felt like she needed to do at the time."

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Jones added, "She came over when everything was finished and thanked me for doing what I did. She asked if there was anything she could do to thank me and I said just please don't leave your dog in the car again."
The judge said he will dismiss charges against Cissy King, as long as she takes a pet safety class -- which she agreed to do immediately.
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