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Top 5 Talking Pets

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The hottest guy in theaters right now isn't George Clooney, Rob Pattinson or Bradley Cooper . . . it's Ted. You know, the raunchy talking teddy bear who Mark Wahlberg wished to life. Ted might be the "It Animal" when it comes to talking pets (or stuffed animals) -- but he's not the first!

Here's a look at the five best talking pets who have entertained us through the years!

Scooby-Doo: This Great Dane knows how to express his fear, and perpetual hunger, by using his voice -- but talking isn't Scooby's greatest skill. Scooby is known for pronouncing most of his words as though they begin with an "R" (Rooby-Rooby-Roo!"), but luckily the gang seems to have no trouble understanding him.

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Ultimate Dog Tease: We don't know his name, but we know he's hungry. Over 100 million people have watched this poor pup get mercilessly teased by his owner with the promise of tasty treats. His mutterings of hope and desire probably echo the thoughts going on in your dog's head while you're cooking or eating -- but we don't feel quite as guilty when there are no words attached to the whines.

Garfield: It's hard to say if Jon Arbuckle would be more or less depressed if he could hear his cat's cynical musings. But alas, he can't, so it's just us at home -- and Odie -- who listen to this fat tabby sing the praises of lasagna, and dump on the idiotic characters in his life. At least he's nice to Pooky...

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Rocks: Rocks (aka Danny DeVito) is the mutt John Travolta brings home for his son in Look Who's Talking Now. Rocks has opinions about everything -- but unfortunately his family can't hear any of them. However Daphne -- the spoiled purebred poodle who comes to live with him -- begrudgingly must listen to him wax poetic about his sloppy, lazy lifestyle. Her prissy perceptions led to inevitable bickering, but we all know the adage about opposites attracting!

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Brian: If you're a fan of Brian, the wise-cracking companion on Family Guy, chances are you've already seen Ted as they're both the creations of Seth MacFarlane. It's unclear what breed of talking dog Brian is. Some speculate he's a Beagle based on his resemblance to Snoopy -- but he's only been describes as a Melan-Collie (melancholy), for comedic effect.

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