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Dog Breeds Most Likely To Score You A Date

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Forget the right clothing, pick-up lines and lipstick color. If you want to score a date, it's all about having the right dog. A new survey from Kloof.com found that singles judge potential dates by their canine companions -- and found certain breeds set off the alarm for a girlfriend/boyfriend jackpot.

All the single ladies (All the single ladies): If you want someone to put a ring on it, your best bet is to own a Golden Retriever. The poll found that men are "overwhelmingly" more likely to view a woman with a Golden as "girlfriend material."

If you're a Lab mom, don't worry: the breed scored the number two spot on Kloof's list. Rounding out the top five were beagles, poodles and Chihuahuas.

Looking at the guy side of the list, it's easy to see why Goldens and Labs are two of the most popular breeds in the country. Women tend to view men who own these breeds as "great dads" and both subsequently scored spots on the top five from the ladies' perspective.

If you want to come off as macho, but don't feel like pumping iron -- try adopting a Siberian husky, as women view men who own them as "manly."

If those don't appeal to you, French bulldogs and German Shepherds are also likely to help score you a date.
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