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3 Reasons To Get Your Cat Stuck In a Tree

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Chances are, if your cat climbs up a tree and won’t come down, the fire department will be of no help to you. They have life-threatening fires to attend to. You can beg and plead, but they will calmly tell you that your cat will come down when he’s ready; if he climbed up he can climb down. They may even try to assure you by telling you they have never heard of a cat dying in a tree and have never seen a cat skeleton hanging from a tree limb.
But that doesn’t change the fact that cats love to climb things! Luckily, today a stylish and sturdy cat tree allows your cat to get maximum vertical exercise while staying safely indoors. So why should you get a cat tree for your fluff ball?
1. Cat Trees Keep Cats Out of Trouble
Cats love to explore high, low, and everywhere in between. If you need to keep your cat off the kitchen counter, book shelves, or china cabinet, getting a cat tree can be a big help. Some cat owners have the extra space to build an entire cat habitat in a room or basement, complete with cat trees, catwalks, cat-friendly shelving, tunnels and plenty of toys all in one area. But anyone can create a mini-habitat for cats in a corner of a room, starting with a cat tree tall enough for your cat to jump or climb on. Keeping this area well-stocked with sprinklings of catnip, hidden treat treasures, dangling toys, and cat beds will keep kitty coming back to this area and away from your precious valuables.
Cat trees are usually equipped with scratching posts of carpet, sisal rope, wood, or cardboard. Scratching these surfaces will be very tempting to your cat, which will take the temptation away from her scratching your furniture and walls. This scratching will also keep their claws trim and healthy by helping to shed the outer layer.

 2. Cat Trees Keep Cats Exercised and Healthy
A lazy cat can become overweight if not fed healthy foods higher in protein than in carbohydrates. And an overweight cat can be susceptible to illnesses like diabetes and arthritis. This can raise your vet bills and shorten the life span of your best feline friend. A tall cat tree with different levels for kitties to climb, explore, and rest on while window gazing will burn fat, build muscle, keep joints lubricated, and keep claws healthy. Many cat owners serve meals up at the top of the cat tree, so that the kitty burns calories simply by climbing up to get food: a wonderful incentive to get some daily exercise!

 3. Cat Trees Offer Cats Security and Comfort

In the outside world cats may climb trees to chase birds or squirrels, but they also climb them to feel safe and escape from danger. They feel more comfortable, confident, and less vulnerable when they can look down on the world below them. If there is sibling rivalry between the cat and the dog, or an alpha cat and a more submissive one, cat trees offer a wonderful escape route. Kitty can even escape from the evil vacuum cleaner by climbing her tree!

Durable, stylish cat trees are easy for cats to maneuver. They may spend so much time there, you might worry that they are stuck. But don’t worry – if they climbed up, they can climb down. They’ll come down when they’re ready.

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