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5 Least Intelligent Dogs

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Back in 1994, judges from the Canadian and U.S. Kennel Clubs were asked to determine the intelligence level of various breeds, based mainly on how many repetitions it took the pups to master new commands. The Border Collie came out on top, followed by others you've seen trained as successful service dogs like German Shepherds and Labs. While many are sweet and make great companions, you won't see any of the dogs on the list below teaming up with the police department or being commissioned for search and rescue.

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5. Borzoi: Borzois are many things -- loyal, intelligent, independent, willful, proud, charming, affectionate -- but smart? Not so much. They do get marks for having a cat's intuition to clean themselves, but their other cat-like qualities (they're not as driven as most dogs to please their masters) make them difficult to deal with sometimes.

4. Chow Chow: There's a difference between smart and intelligent and that gap is noticeable in the Chow Chow. The breed is loyal to its family, but becomes very dominant in the household and is wary of strangers. They need an owner who is calm, consistent and firm to lay down the law -- but its difficult for the breed to accept their masters' friends and visitors, despite attempts at training.

3. Bulldog: These pups are gentle, affectionate, even-tempered, friendly, persistent, dependable, brave -- but you won't see any dominating an agility course or sniffing out trails.

2. Basenji: This is a unique breed, also known as the "African barkless dog" because instead of barking, it makes yodeling noises. Between that and their cat-like tendency to clean themselves, the Basenji doesn't score high on your classic dog trait test.

1. Afghan Hound: This elegant, dignified breed is notoriously difficult to train and housebreak. What they lack in smarts, however, they make up for in affection towards their owners. They are sweet and loyal to the ones they love, but the breed is wary of strangers so don't expect a warm greeting if you come across one out for a walk. They are beautiful though!

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