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Revolutionary Neutering Treatment Means Dogs Keep Testicles

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Is neutering getting a high-tech makeover? New York-based company Ark Sciences has developed an alternative method to the necessary snip in the form of a simple injection.
"Zinc Neutering" terminates a pup's ability to reproduce by injecting a shot into their scrotum that contains  a mixture of Zinc Gluconate, L-Arginine (an amino acid) and purified water. The company claims that the compound works by killing off sperm and permanently blocking the tubes in the testicles.
Around 300 animals have received the treatment thus far, and while there have been no reports of long-term ill-health, minor side effects include vomiting and loss of appetite. The company said, "We followed 40 dogs for over two years and have data on many of these dogs for over five years. Since 1999, when the initial clinical studies were performed, there have not been any reports of long-term side effects."
The compound is currently pending approval by the U.S. government, but Ark expects it to hit shelves later this year and it will be available to all dogs over three months old. It takes 30 days after the injection for the shot to begin working.
Would you prefer giving your dog a shot than the big snip?

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