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5 Amazing Stories Of Hero Dogs

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Many pet owners have good reason to designate their dogs as heroic. Some dogs are often noted for courageous acts of heroism. There are so many heartwarming stories out there, and it was hard to pick just a few, but here are my favorite 5 stories of hero dogs.
1. Eve
Many of us enjoy watching those movie scenes that have us sitting on the edge of our seats as someone escapes a burning pit just before it explodes, but in real life these situations are anything but enjoyable. In 1992, Kathi Vaughn, a paralyzed paraplegic, learned first-hand how horrifying this type of setting can be.
Kathi was driving along an interstate when her truck caught on fire. She pushed her rotweiller, Eve, out of the vehicle so she would be safe. However, the dog came back. Pulling her owner by the ankles, Eve managed to get Kathi out of the burning vehicle, dragging her to a nearby ditch just moments before the truck exploded.
Eve received the Stillman Award (for people and animals who risks their lives to save others), presented by the American Humane Association.
2. Katrina
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 storm that ripped across the Gulf Coast, one inspiring story involved a black Labrador retriever, who was ironically named Katrina.
As teams of people in helicopters and boats worked continuously to pull humans and animals from danger, Katrina the dog was performing her own heroic rescue. A man from New Orleans credits his life today to this incredible dog. As the waters rose high, the black Lab pulled this man to higher ground, preventing him from drowning.
The Genesis Award, presented by the Humane Society of the United States, recognizes people or projects that aid in animal rights. As guest of honor at the 2006 awards presentation, Katrina got a standing ovation.
3. Zoey
Good things do come in small packages. Zoey, a 5-pound chihuahua puppy from Colorado, is living proof this adage. She made headlines in 2007 after saving a toddler from the bite of a large rattlesnake.
Zoey, who was just 10 months old at the time, was in the back yard with her owner, Monty Long, and his 1-year-old grandson. As the boy played around the birdbath, Zoey darted between him and a rock on the other side, where a rattlesnake was slithering toward the child. This small but brave puppy took a snakebite above the eye in order to protect the boy.
While the Longs realized that snakes are part of the landscape where they live, they also realized how special their pet is. She's not only their sweet little dog -- she is their hero.
Zoey recovered from her snakebite after treatment by a vet, and the snake was killed by Monty Long.
4. Honey
Michael Bosch and his English cocker spaniel, Honey, headed out early one October morning in 2005, with the sunshine beaming down brightly over California. Because of that brightness, Bosch's sight was limited, causing him to misjudge the road. The SUV rolled 30 feet down a ravine, landing upside down. Bosch was trapped, and his leg was crushed between the steering wheel, roof and dashboard.
Living in a remote area, Bosch knew the chances of anyone having witnessed the accident were slim. He realized that Honey was his only hope. For seven long hours, it was just man and his dog. Finally, he managed to get his 5-month-old pet out of her kennel, which was in the back of the vehicle. Oh, how he hoped she would somehow find help!
Sure enough, Honey returned with a neighbor who lived about a half a mile away. The neighbor confirmed that Honey had directed her to the scene, where she paced back and forth gazing at the wreckage below. Rescuers acknowledged that, indeed, Bosch did owe his life to Honey, the pet he had adopted only two weeks earlier.
This heroic deed earned Honey the National Dog Day Foundation's 2005 Dog of the Year Award.
5. Trakr
Perhaps the most notable rescue on this list belongs to Trakr. With the guidance of off-duty Canadian officer James Symington, Trakr sniffed and dug through debris at Ground Zero in New York City after the 9/11 attacks, finding the last survivor of the World Trade Center collapse in 2001.
Seeing the search and rescue operations on television, the pair (along with their friend Cpl. Joe Hall) drove 15 hours from Nova Scotia to Manhattan to offer their help. Arriving the morning of September 12, Trakr found signs of life under the rubble by 7 a.m. Digging in the spot where this German shepherd had led them, firefighters found Genelle Guzman, who had been on the 13th floor of the South Tower when it fell. She had been trapped in the rubble for nearly 26 hours.
Trakr was named one of history's most heroic animals by Time magazine. The bravery of this canine led to his cloning, which produced five puppies. Trakr died in April 2009 at the ripe old age of 16.
These five amazing stories of hero dogs should warm our hearts and convince everyone around the globe that dogs truly are our best friends!
Gayle Hickman is a writer for Pets Adviser, a pet advice website. She specializes in dog and cat behaviors.
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