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Can You Change Your Dog's Name?

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When Tim Tebow adopted a  Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in 2010, he famously named the dog Bronco -- after the NFL team that drafted him, the Denver Broncos.
Bronco made quite an impression on Tebow, with friends saying he "lights up" when talking about the pup. Likewise, Tebow made quite an impression on Bronco -- and the Broncos -- leading the team to the playoffs during the 2011-2012 season. Alas, one Bronco has been let go and it's certainly not the dog.
Tebow's trade to the Jets made us wonder: is Tim considering a name change for his dog? There can't be too many fond memories of a team that booted you the moment Peyton Manning signed on the dotted line. It's easy enough for Tebow to transition from a Bronco to a Jet, but can his dog follow suit?
How to change a dog's name is a common question posed by owners -- but it usually follows an adoption, not an NFL trade. In any case, a moniker swap certainly is possible, if not fairly easy. 
One of the most recommended tactics is to tag the new name with the old. For example if the dog's original name is -- say -- Bronco, and you want to change it to Jet, begin calling him Bronco-Jet. It will still be familiar, but he's also becoming accustomed to the new sound you're using when you address him. Eventually, you'll be able to drop the "Bronco" completely, and the transition to stand-alone Jet should be smooth.
PetFinder also suggests the following:
  • Decide on any new name you wish for your newly adopted pet.
  • For the first few days, carry a pocketful of treats.
  • Every once in a while, and also specifically when you do want your dog's attention, call out his new name and then immediately smile, praise heartily, and feed a treat.
  • Even if he doesn't turn to look at you when you call out the name, do the above any way, and soon he will know that hearing that word means great things are coming, and he will respond as if that word is his own!

Tebow and Bronco:

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