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Blind Rescue Dog Gets Her Sight Back

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An abandoned dog -- found sick, blind and flea-infested -- has gotten her sight back. Eldad Hargar and his wife, Audrey, the founders of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization that takes in abused and neglected animals, took in the pup, Fiona, last year and launched a fundraising campaign on her behalf.

"She was just so defeated," said Eldad. "Blind, filthy, everything was going against her. There seemed to be no hope there."

The couple filmed her rescue, which has since gone viral -- prompting over $4,000 in donations that allowed her to have eye surgery that partially restored her vision.

"We're so happy that people are watching this and learning," Eldad Hagar said. "We want people to react to this. Next time you see an animal on the street, call someone or do something. If you can't help, then get help."

Watch Fiona's amazing story:
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