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Cats Cannot Taste Sweets

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If you've noticed your cat's indifference towards sweet foods, you're not alone. Scientists have confirmed that felines lack the gene that allows them to taste sweetness.
That they're missing the gene is the simple answer. If you want the inside scoop, here you go: 
The tongues of humans, for example, have five taste buds -- including one for sweet -- which is  made of two coupled proteins generated by two separate genes known as Tas1r2 and Tas1r3. However, cats lack 247 base pairs of the amino acids that make up the DNA of the Tas1r2 gene -- therefore  it does not code for the proper protein and doesn't allow them to taste sweets. 
Joe Brand, biochemist and associate director at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, noted, "They don't taste sweet the way we do. They're lucky. Cats really have bad teeth as it is."
Although it was originally thought that cats were alone in lacking the sweet gene, scientists have now found at least seven other exclusively meat-eating species without it. These include the Asian short-clawed otter, spotted hyena, spotted linsang, fossa and three sea-going hunters -- the sea lion, the fur seal, and the Pacific harbor seal.
Surely some humans who overly indulge a sweet tooth are envious of those on the list...
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