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The Week In Dogs: Ugliest Dog Dies and Seamus Story Stays Alive

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THE WORLD'S UGLIEST DOG DIES: Yoda, the reigning Ugliest Dog in the World, has died at the age of 15. The Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix passed away peacefully in her sleep. Her owner Terry Schumacher announced the sad news in an email that read, "Say a prayer today 4 my YODA...rest in peace 3-10-12. She passed away last night in her sleep. I will miss her funny little ways! But comforted knowing she will be joining my Mom and Dad, who loved her so much! Her memories will live on forever!!!"
The 1.8-pound pup was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma-Marin Fair last year -- after years of friends prodding Schumacher to put her up for consideration.

Mitt Romney can't live down the story of Seamus the dog.  Having once attached a dog carrier to the roof of the family’s Chevrolet station wagon may could actually cost the Presidential candidate the Republican party nomination, as his opponents are using the controversial action to define Romney's capability as a leader.
The story resurfaced this week on CNN, when Rick Santorum campaign boss John Brabender commented, "Quite frankly, I’m not sure I’m going to listen to the value judgment of a guy who strapped his dog to the top of the roof of his car and went hurling down the highway."

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The Huffington Post noted that David Letterman has been giving the dog near-nightly shout-outs, while are Web videos, “Dogs Aren’t Luggage” T-shirts and Facebook groups have sprung up across the Internet.  The New Yorker featured a cartoon, with Rick Santorum riding in Romney’s rooftop dog carrier, on its cover last week. And in the five years since the story was revealed, New York Times columnist Gail Collins has mentioned Seamus in at least 50 columns.
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