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The Cat Bed: 1 Solution To 3 Problems

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Animal shelter workers and volunteers see cats dropped off and returned to shelters many times a day. Each owner surrender comes with an excuse, often valid. But sometimes after the former cat’s owner leaves, the workers spread the sad and weird excuses all over the shelter as well as to their friends and family. Many times, there is a simple solution to whatever problem the cat owner claims to be having.

Cat Drop-Off Excuse #1: She Didn’t Match Our Furniture

This was a real excuse given to a staff member at an animal shelter. The staff member was too shocked to find out more information. Did they recently buy new furniture and forgot to take a swatch of cat fur with them to the store when they went shopping? Or did the cat look like it would match their existing furniture, but once they got the cat home they realized that the cat was a slate grey while the furniture was actually more of a blue-toned silver?

In either case, buying a separate cat bed would have been the perfect solution. If it was so unappealing to witness the shear clash of the cat’s fur against the velvet armoire, a stylish cat bed could have offset the entire color scheme with a splash of color. The color of the cat sleeping in the bed would have been separated from the precious furniture. Luckily, the shelter workers concluded that the cat would be better off in its eventual new home, anyway.

Cat Drop-Off Excuse #2: His Fur Gets Everywhere

It’s true. Cats shed. It’s a shame that anyone would be oblivious to this fact prior to adopting a cat. They shed when it’s hot outside. They shed when they are stressed out (such as, perhaps, when they can sense their owner doesn’t really appreciate them?). They shed when they are sick and they can shed when they aren’t fed nutritionally enough.

For this excuse, a cat bed would also make an excellent investment. Many cat beds have removable, washable covers, making cat hair removal a breeze. Many cat beds are irresistible to cats, having been insulated for warmth or lined with lamb’s fur. That means more cat fur ends up in the cat bed and less lands in other places of the home. Cats love having their own spot that they can count on to always been there for them.

Cat Drop-Off Excuse #3: Allergies

Allergies can develop as we age. They can also change for better or worse. But many people who work at shelters and own cats are allergic to cat dander, fur, or saliva. And they would try every solution they could find before they would get rid of a cat they loved.

The first solution to try if allergic to a pet is to stop allowing them in the bedroom; not just overnight, but all day long. Of course, many cats love cuddling in bed or napping on it during the day. So once again, getting your cat her own cat bed will make this transition much easier. You might also want to get a few different shapes and styles of cat beds to situate around the house, so that the cat can reposition herself throughout the day and night and will be less likely to hop in bed with you. And as with the previous excuse, designated cat beds mean designated areas where cat fur and dander will reside the most, and can be disposed of the easiest. However, while the bed can certainly help, it is not a cure-all for allergies.

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