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Studies Confirm: Dogs Are Amazing

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Pretty much any dog owner will sing their pup's praises, boasting that he or she is an invaluable member of the family who improves everyone's quality of life. Surely it must be an exaggeration, according to the nay-sayers, aka, the dog-less. Just as each owner claims to have the "cutest" pooch, the virtues of ownership must be subject to bias.

But not so, according to study after study after study! The benefits of dog ownership and their positive impact on quality of life has been proven time after time again, as detailed in a new article from The Atlantic:

"Dog owners worldwide enjoy longer lifespans on average, and the company a canine provides makes those extra years of life more gratifying. Positive health attributes dogs afford remain a constant for young and elderly alike, including weight maintenance, reduced blood pressure, and improved cardiovascular fitness. The benefits of owning a dog are not limited to the physical. People with pets enjoy superior self-esteem, while suffering less depression due to an optimistic mindset that companionship with animals engenders."

Also . . .

"Studies in Germany, Australia, and China point to dog ownership as sound public policy. An examination of Chinese women (men were excluded) reported increased exercise, fewer doctor visits, and diminished use of sick days at work when a dog is present in the home. Australian and German dog owners were found to use free governmental health services less than the general populace. Pet owners in those countries made approximately 12 to 15 percent fewer annual doctor visits than their pet-less peers. German pet owners spent 32 percent fewer nights in a hospital. The benefits appeared particularly strong for elderly people, the population group with the worst constitutions and heaviest use of health services. The economic benefit was substantial, approximating savings in health expenditures of $5.59 billion for Germany and $3.86 billion for Australia annually."

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