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Dog TV: Programming for Your Pup

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Dog TV -- TV for your dog -- is expanding. The channel became available to San Francisco Time Warner and Cox Media customers in February of 2012, and it plans to spread across the United States by the end of the year for a charge of $4.99 per month.

The channel isn't intended to turn your dog into a lazy loaf, rather its goal is to provide a relaxing, stimulating environment for your pet when you're away from home. "Veterinary associations like the Humane Society and the ASPCA have been recommending for dog owners to leave the TV or radio on when they leave their dog home alone for many hours," said Gilad Neumann, Dog TV's founder and chief executive officer. However, he noted, "not every video that you leave your dog with is appropriate." Anything that contains fireworks or gunfire could scare your dog and "create more stress than no TV."

The content, which relatively cheap to produce, features scenes like "a beagle and a Pekingese cavorting in a field set to cheery Muzak." The "actors" don't need to be paid, there are no expensive sets and the  veterinarian-approved music is written and performed in-house. In case you're wondering, there are no plans to air dog sitcoms, dog procedurals, or narrative content -- yet.

Is the $4.99 price tag worth it? The company believes its a minimal amount to pay for your dog's happiness while he or she is solo -- especially compared to doggy day care, which can cost as much as $40 or $50.

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