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Cats Who Love Water

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Most house cats hate water so much, that spraying them with it is the most powerful behavior deterrent at our disposal. One reason for their aversion to water is that their fur (though it has a water-resistant top layer) can become waterlogged if the cat gets too wet -- which in turn can weigh the cat down. If this happens, the cat could possibly drown from not being able to float.

But not all felines are anti-agua. Cats in the wild swim across streams. Their origin plays an important role in their behavior. A cat who grew up in a warm region will more likely view water as cool and refreshing, while those raised in the cold find that it just makes them colder.

You've probably seen many cats sprint away after feeling a drop of wetness. Here are some who do the opposite!

Chances are you've seen a cat drinking from a sink before. But have you ever watched one interrupt its sipping for a head-dunk under the faucet stream? Over and over again?

Is it stranger to see a cat lounging on the beach -- or strolling into the sea for a refreshing dip? If you've ever wanted to see either, this is the video for you!

Most cat owners are thankful that their felines are self-cleansing. But if you have a cat like this, bath time could be a blast!

Proving it's not an anomaly . . . here is another frisky feline enjoying time in the tub:

Unlike most cats, Sphnyx cats need to be bathed -- as of course they are hairless. Some of these guys like the tub so much, they refuse to get out!
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