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5 Things I've Learned From Getting a Second Cat

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Patience Pays Off

To be honest, I don't think I'd have been able to keep them apart for the recommended two weeks had Frankie not been on antibiotics for an upper respiratory disorder. But he was, and the physical and emotional well-being of both cats was on the line. So day after day, quarantine was in effect; not just the cats from each other, but me from each of them. The one alone was always crying, escape attempts were made on the hour; there was always a reason to feel guilty.

But we stuck it out and were rewarded with an easy and smooth introduction. A couple butt sniffs and playful (I think) paw-bats and they've been in BFF mode ever since.

Cats Can Become More Affectionate

Well, to each other at least. Rufus was never a really cuddly kitty; there's usually a 10-second expiration on holds and laps are too uneven for his taste. But no motor runs louder during pettings, and the best naps are at the foot of a full bed.

Maybe having a competitor for human attention would make him work harder to receive his share? Not so much. If anything, he's been more aloof. While he's clearly enjoying his company, Rufus sometimes stares at me as if to ask, "Was I not enough?" Luckily the effects of his envy are focused on us and not Frankie, whom he adores. Never did I think I'd see the day when Rufus bathed another animal, but it happens regularly. And while a few more seconds have been shaved off my hold time, Frankie is free to use his body as a pillow -- a cuddle so cute I've accepted the trade off.

Everything Is in the Path of Destruction

Living with two cats is not so different than living in a frat house. You wake up in the morning and chairs are overturned, plants are knocked into the sink and yesterday's clothes are strewn everywhere. I swear, one day I woke up and a banana from the fruit bowl was on the floor next to my bed. I'm still not quite sure how they managed that one.

Two Cats = Quadruple the Waste

I'm sure this largely from Frankie since he is still young, but judging by litter box each day, you'd think there were 11 cats using them. After six years, Rufus's, eh, deposits, had become predictable and routine. Now I feel like I've litter-trained a horse.

And finally...

Two Cats = Ten Times the Love

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