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How To Tell If a Dog Is Approachable

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Dogs are generally lovable. With their puppy eyes, furry faces and natural smile, they make everyone feel like a friend -- but not every canine is instantly approachable. 
Many dogs are shy, untrained or require special attention, which is why no one should assume that every pup on the street is fair game for a pat or head scratch. Enter Kristin Valgardson, who identified the need for a system that would signal to the public which dogs are approachable and which you should leave alone.
Valgardson, a dog owner herself, has since created Dog Flags, colored flags that slide over your pet's leash alerting passersby of his or her temperament. 
The five colors and their meanings are below:
Red - Ask Before Approaching
Green – Friendly
Yellow – I’m Shy.
Blue – In Training
Orange - Special Needs
"Dog Flags aims to simply this relationship to protect both humans and animals from any unwanted misunderstandings," explains the company. "When every dog is wearing a Dog Flag, people unfamiliar with dogs will know instantly what to do; whether to greet the animal or leave it alone."
Are Humans Next?
Maybe the next step is a human adaptation? It sure would make the morning commute a lot less stressful! Although there sure would be a lot of red going on before 9 am. 
Arguably such a system already exists in the dating world with wedding rings that signal one's availability. Perhaps it's time to take it a step further.

With our relationship statuses, thoughts and moods documented on Facebook and Twitter, we're already laying ourselves bare on the internet. Why not put it out in the open to strangers as well?
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