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Can Pets Detect Cancer?

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A British woman credits her kitten with detecting her breast cancer and subsequently saving her life. 10-month-old Fidge promoted Wendy Humphreys, 52, to visit the doctor after jumping up and planting herself on Wendy's right breast every night for two weeks.

"She kept coming and sitting on my right breast when I was lying on the settee," Wendy recalled. "She would jump onto it every night for a fortnight. I went to see my GP because I thought it was bruised. It just hurt and I didn't think anything else could be wrong."

However, the doctor discovered a cancerous pea-sized lump in her breast -- which could have killed her if left undiagnosed. Humphreys has since undergone chemotherapy and plans to have the breast removed.

"She saved my life, definitely," Wendy declared. "No hesitation at all. I was told that if I hadn't been diagnosed when I was I could have died because of the hormones in the menopause. I am the first one in my family to have breast cancer. I am so glad I got her."

Previous studies have shown that animals are in fact able to detect certain cancers. Last year German researchers proved that dogs were able to distinguish lung cancer patients by smelling breath samples. The scientists believe that the cancers "produce volatile chemicals," which dogs can be trained to smell. It's unclear if similar studies have been conducted with cats.

Wendy and Fidge:

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