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Oscar Nominee Jessica Chastain Is Mom To 3-Legged Pup

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WebVet would like to congratulate pet lover Jessica Chastain on her Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help!

Chastain recently burst onto the national scene as a result of her role in the film, and while not much is known about the actress's personal life -- one tidbit we have learned is that she's the mom of a three-legged pup!

As we've mentioned before, disabled pets desperately need loving homes! In a recent survey by Petfinder, 33 percent of adoption groups said they’ve had pets who were posted on Petfinder for 1-2 years without being adopted, and 27 percent have had pets who have waited more than two years for a forever home.

WebVet: Looking to adopt? Consider a disabled pet

Photo credit: People.com
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