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Best Super Bowl Commercials With Dogs

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By now you've probably heard that Skechers yanked Kim Kardashian as their spokesperson in favor of a dog. Talk about a no-brainer. It's not about Kim being over-exposed, talentless and unpopular since she violated the sanctity of marriage. It's about the dog. 
Is there anything that makes a product more appealing than having an adorable, funny and creative canine storyline attached to it? We didn't think so.

WebVet: Tim Tebow: Football Hero, Dog Lover
In honor of Skechers' smart -- but obvious -- decision, here are a few of our favorite Super Bowl commercials that featured man's best friend.
2011:  "Pug Attack," Doritos - One of the most popular commercials from 2011, Doritos illustrated what happens when you try to mess with a dog: you lose. 

2011: "Dog Sitter," Budweiser - Cause their ain't no party like a dog party!

2009: "Get a Dog," Pedigree - This is our personal favorite. It finally settled the question you'd been struggling with -- yes, a dog makes a better pet than a rhinoceros. 

2007: "Spot Dog on Float," Budweiser - If dogs didn't like muddy puddles enough -- apparently they lead to glory.

2000: "Dog Star," Budweiser (we're seeing a trend here...) - Maybe it was a little unrealistic that a dog's motivation for great acting would be missing the Budweiser truck, but at least the pup was where he belonged: in the spotlight. 

2000: "Cat Herders," EDS - And one for the cat-lovers! 
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