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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

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Cats are known to be very “clean oriented” animals. You will notice them washing themselves all during the day. If they’re brought into this world with this cleanliness instinct, why do cats hate water so much?
One reason for their displeasure of water is that their fur (although it has a water-resistant top layer) is not the ideal target for a good drenching. The fur can become waterlogged if the cat gets too wet, which in turn can weigh the cat down. If this happens, the cat could possibly drown from not being able to float.
However, not all felines hate the water. Cats in the wild will swim across streams. Their native location plays an important role in their like or dislike of the wet stuff. In cold locations, the water just makes them colder, while in warmer regions water seems to feel cool and refreshing to cats.
While many housecats seem to enjoy water, it is best to let your kitty decide her own tolerance level. Let her be the judge of how much exposure she wants.
My son’s cat seems to love water. She loves to go into the bathroom right after someone has taken a shower. She will jump into the bathtub and paw at the water as it drains out. But when you think you’ll get her in the tub for a good cat washing — good luck. You will have to catch her first.
Instead of saying to your kitty, “Bath time!” and then dunking him, claws digging deep into your skin in protest, in the sink or tub filled with water, try easing him gently into it. Once he realizes that neither you nor the water is going to hurt him, he might decide that a bath is not that bad. (But don’t count on this!)
Also, using the old spray water-bottle trick to train your kitten in obedience may not be the best method. We all know how we feel when someone suddenly squirts us with water — sometimes we want to run too.
So, why do cats hate water so much? Maybe cat owners should just realize that cats have their own thoughts on some things, and let them decide if they want to be water-friendly.
Let us be grateful that our felines keep themselves so clean that we rarely need to bathe them.

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