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Juvenile Arthritis In Dogs Linked To Pet Stores?

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A new study has found a link between juvenile arthritis in dogs and pet stores.

Earlier this year, Flexcin experts interviewed over 500 dog owners whose pets were between the ages of 4 and 7 and had been taking FlexPet for joint discomfort. They discovered that 43.3 percent said they'd gotten their dog from a pet store rather than a litter (13.2%) or an animal shelter (19.8%).

The study appears to offer further evidence that pet stores and puppy mills pose serious health risks to the dogs that are raised there.

Debi Day of the No Kill Nation explained, "Puppies and dogs that come from pet stores are most often raised in cramped, small cages, and they mostly receive no exercise because of a severe lack of space and the breeders don’t care about their welfare. Muscle atrophy sets in, and their back and hips never get fully developed, not to mention mental problems that can occur due to 'cage rage.'"
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