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POP CULTURE PETS: Favorite Television Dogs

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Eddie, Frasier: Is there any other breed so closely associated with a TV dog than the Jack Russell and Eddie? OK, maybe Collies and Lassie. Or Scooby Doo and Great Danes. But you get the point! If you adopt one of these hyper pups, be aware you're going to hear the comparisons.

Buck, Married . . . With Children: Ah, the voice of reason in the Bundy family. The snarky, shaggy Briard launched sharper insults at his family than Al -- but we wonder if he was too harsh. The Bundy house doesn't seem like such a bad place for a dog to be: always someone home with you, lots of food being dropped -- and a lonely lady in need of physical attention. He couldn't have parlayed that into some belly rubs?

Brian, Family Guy: Who hasn't wished their dog could talk at some time or another? Although if we're using Brian as an example, it seems as though vernacular and intelligence are a trade off for cute and cuddly. No offense Brian, but who wants to curl up next to the hairy brianiac who just beat you at Scrabble?

Giggy, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: This handsomely coiffed Pomeranian is arm candy for not only his mom, but his dad too, as they stomp around 90210's posh party scene. And the little guy doesn’t just have a bigger wardrobe than you: he also has more Twitter followers. Over 35,000 follow @giggythepom, as he waxes poetic about how tough it is to be "a gigolo, sex monster and veritable little stud."

Phoebe's pug, Friends: The only thing missing from what is arguably the greatest sitcom of all time, Friends, was a constant canine companion. The show had no shortage of pets -- the chick, the duck, Marcel the monkey, Rachel's Sphynx -- but the only dog we can recall is the pug puppy Phoebe's mom gave her in a test of maternal instinct. Couldn't you have pictured Joey with an equally dumb, lovable mutt at his side? Or Rachel with a Yorkie in her purse? Maybe when it's inevitably remade in 10 years . . .

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