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A Survival Map in the Age of Product Recalls

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"If 2007 was the Year of the Recall, welcome to the Decade of the Recall.

Four years ago, major crises overtook the spinach, toy, and pet food industries. The sheer breadth of consumer products affected was unsettling while, with two of those recalls, a China syndrome exacerbated public anxiety.

Today, consumers are likely no less apprehensive even without such front-page assaults on their sense of marketplace security. Now, it is the palpable volume of recalls – the seemingly interminable progression of one recall after another on a regular basis – that undermines public confidence and motivates regulators to steadily increase their oversight. In turn, such stepped-up oversight only uncovers more problems leading to more recalls."

Read the full story at Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/richardlevick/2011/08/17/a-survival-map-in-the-age-of-product-recalls/

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Credit: Richard Levick, Forbes
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