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Douglas G. Aspros to become first AVMA President from New York State in over 30 years.

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Posted July 15, 2011Donald F. Smith, Cornell University
Earlier today, Dr. Douglas G. Aspros of  White Plains, New York, was selected as the president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association at the AVMA’s annual meeting in St. Louis. He will ascend to the presidency in August 2012 which will mark the beginning of the year celebrating the 150th anniversary of the AVMA.
Dr. Douglas G. Aspros and Dee Aspros
 at AVMA meeting, July 15, 2011
Photo by the author
A veterinary practitioner with over 35 years of clinical experience in companion animal medicine, Dr. Aspros is owner-manager of two general practices and one emergency practice in the metro NYC area.
Dr. Aspros has been active in association governance at all levels in veterinary medicine, and has expertise in veterinary educational programs.
Having served on the Westchester County Board of Health for more than 25 years (and president since 1994), he understands the critical role that public health plays in safeguarding human, animal and environmental health.

Dr. Aspros will be the first New York State veterinarian to serve as AVMA president since Dr. Stanley Aldrich in 1980-81, and the first Cornell graduate since Dr. D.L. Proctor of Lexington, KY in 1985-86.
A member of Cornell’s veterinary class of 1975, Dr. Aspros is an intelligent and insightful veterinarian who believes it is critical that the AVMA become a modern, strategic, and effective organization, and one that leads rather than reacts to the problems and opportunities that confront veterinary medicine.
Dr. Smith invites comments at dfs6@cornell.edu.
View original article: http://veterinarylegacy.blogspot.com/2011/07/douglas-g-apros-to-be-first-avma.html
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