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Veterinary Class of 2011 - Congratulations and Best Wishes

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Posted by Donald Smith (Cornell University)May 26, 2011
On this Cornell Commencement weekend our 87 DVM graduates will be among the 2,630 nationally to become the nation's newest Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. They enter the veterinary workforce at a time when the demands and opportunities to promote animal health and welfare, public health, and biomedical research have never been greater.
Commencement Hooding Ceremony, Cornell Class of 2011The new graduates will cite the Veterinarians’ Oath, at the Hooding Ceremony on Saturday afternoon, May 28th. The oath connects animal health, human health and animal resources, and states, in part: “I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through: ·         the protection of animal health·         the relief of animal suffering·         the conservation of animal resources·         the promotion of public health, and·         the advancement of medical knowledgeAs is traditional, most of our graduates will enter practice initially, either in general small or large animal practice, or through an internship. However, by their fifth-year reunion, many will broaden their career scope. Those in the Army may be deployed overseas or have entered into a PhD program in epidemiology. Others will be engaged in research or advanced training in a clinical specialty like surgery or oncology; or will be employed in the pet food industry or a pharmaceutical company.
 By their tenth reunion in 2021, many of today's graduates will be owners or associates in general or specialty practices involving a broad array of companion, farm and sport animals.  Others will be leaders in humane shelter medicine, homeland security, food quality assurance, in comparative biomedical research in a medical school, or in conservation medicine, perhaps internationally.
 2011 is designated by U.S. Congress as World Veterinary Year
 in honor of the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession.
Logo by Vet2011 and the AVMA This year’s graduates enter the profession during the World Veterinary Year which has been designated by Congress to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession throughout the world. The congressional resolution cites many of the critical roles that veterinarians play in society beyond clinical practice, whether in public health, biosecurity, biomedical research, international development, disaster medicine, or in promoting the unique role that animals, especially pets, play in human health and welfare.
To the Class of 2011, congratulations on your remarkable achievements and best wishes as you assume the leadership of veterinary medicine for the next generation.
Dr. Smith invites comments at dfs6@cornell.edu
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