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GPS Pet Locator Reunites Lost Dogs with Their Owners

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You never want to believe it could happen to you, but it can.  And for some of you, it will.  For any loving pet owner, it’s the unimaginable – losing their pet.  It can happen in an instant:  a yard gate is carelessly left open, a crafty pet seizes the chance to sneak out the front door, or a spirited dog simply runs off while chasing a ball in the park. Whatever the circumstances, it’s every pet owner’s nightmare.

Thanks to Positioning Animals Worldwide (PAW) and American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), pet owners can now spare themselves the suffering of this terrible experience. The two organizations have joined forces to offer the first and only comprehensive pet tracking and recovery solution – SpotLight GPS Pet Locator.

Finding Fido faster

SpotLight is a compact and durable GPS tracking system which fits securely on the dog’s collar and “senses” when its wearer leaves the configurable boundaries -- dubbed a SafeSpot – programmed into the device by the owner. It then immediately alerts the owner via text message, email or both.  To facilitate quick recovery, the owner also receives the dog’s real-time location and turn-by-turn directions to that very spot.

Developed by PAW, Spotlight is the only product that combines GPS tracking technology with 24/7 AKC CAR recovery services. Spotlight’s unique technology provides a secure lifeline between owner and lost pet, and has the promise of paving the way home for many of the millions of pets that go missing each year.  “We want to provide the market with products and services to reduce the number of lost pets,” says Chris Newton, CEO of PAW.  “With an estimated one-third of all dogs getting lost at least once in their lifetime, Spotlight will help reduce this number significantly.”

Controlling your dog’s destiny

In addition to the GPS Pet Tracker, Spotlight customers also receive a lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR, which includes a collar tag with a unique ID number. Chris Newton: “Through our partnership with AKC CAR, we are able to offer owners a simple solution that gives them peace of mind knowing their dogs are safe at home or, should they escape, will be quickly returned.“

SpotLight is also equipped with a rescue button so that a Good Samaritan who finds the wayward pet can notify the owner and AKC CAR simultaneously.  The AKC CAR recovery team is “on call” and available around the clock for hands-on assistance with tracking and recovery. 

Safety in numbers

“Pet recovery solutions have come a long way since collar ID tags,” comments Tom Sharp, CEO of AKC CAR.“  Incorporating today’s advanced technologies, first with microchipping and now with the real-time tracking capabilities of GPS enables the fastest possible recovery of lost dogs.   By using the combination of collar tags, microchips and GPS, caring owners can provide their pets with multiple layers of protection.  Being able to offer our enrollees this level of service is extremely gratifying and we are confident that through our partnership with PAW, we’ll be able to significantly reduce the number of lost pets.”

And don’t we all like the sound of that? 

To learn more about SpotLight go to www.spotlightgps.com and to learn more about AKC CAR go to www.akccar.org





Credit: Reviewed by Amy Attas, VMD
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