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Hidden Spring Dangers: Lilies and Anti-Freeze can be Lethal to Cats and Dogs

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With Spring comes long days, warm weather, flowers and the wonderful Easter holiday. But along with Spring also comes some of the most dangerous poisons known for our pets, and you must be on guard against them. Both Easter lilies and Antifreeze can be deadly to pets.

Easter lilies in particular -- and all other lily flowers, as well -- are deadly poison to cats if any part of the plant is ingested. Families with house cats simply should not risk the lethal danger posed to their pets by having lilies anywhere near their cats. I reiterate that all portions of the plant are poisonous to a cat's kidneys when eaten and, even with prompt veterinary care, treatment is not always successful. Lillies -- as beautiful as they are -- are life-threatening to cats and so the two should be kept far apart.
Spring is also the time of year when many people go outside and do seasonal work, including working on cars. Therefore it's important to be on guard against the dangers of antifreeze.

Antifreeze is another poisonous substances to animals when ingested. Unfortunately, antifreeze tastes good to animals; it has a very sweet taste which is often irresistible. Once it is ingested, though, it causes severe kidney damage, which can lead to death. Rapid veterinary care for a pet that has ingested antifreeze -- which can include treatments such as intravenous fluids and kidney dialysis -- is essential if the kidney damage is to be reversed.   Kidney dialysis is an expensive procedure that may not be covered by all pet insurance companies. 

Prevent this avoidable tragedy by draining antifreeze into containers and disposing of them sealed and in a place that pets cannot reach. Clean up all antifreeze spills immediately.
Spring is beautiful, and it should be beautiful for our pets, too. Keep them safe by eliminating dangers such as lilies and antifreeze from their environment.

Other Spring dangers to be mindful of are allergies, ticks, and heartworm.

Credit: Written and reviewed by Amy Attas, VMD
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