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Going Organic: Making the right choices for your pet

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Going green is a trend that is spreading to pet care. You start with house cleaning products and recycling. Then you start working on organic food and other things for your family of four. You think, "Wow, this is actually pretty easy...but what about Mable and Zoey, our 1-year-old Chow Chow dog and 4-year-old cat?" Where can you go to find green pet products? Again WebVet pulls through with a list of our favorite green pet products.

  • Since you are feeding your family organic meals now, don't you think it’s time to start doing the same for your pets? After all, they deserve the best of the best. Now you can try organic pet food, as well as organic pet treats. Preservative-free and packed with nutrients, organic pet food is a nice little treat that you know will be good for your pets.
  • Attention cat lovers: We’ve all heard of catnip, but have you heard of organic catnip? Containing only the choicest parts of the catnip plant, organic catnip will make your cat "high" on life after you sprinkle some of it on its favorite toys.
  • Speaking of toys...yes, there are even organic pet toys. You can find everything from plush, cotton dog toys to all-natural, organic catnip-stuffed cat toys.
  • Everyone, including your pets, loves a good night’s sleep. Now it can be even better with an earth-friendly pet bed. These beds are made from the best organic cotton and fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Your pet will be thanking you for the much nicer naps they will be taking.
  • One of the biggest parts of going green is reducing the amount of waste we produce every day. But what about the natural waste our pets produce? One way we can help out is by picking up after them. The second way we can help is by using biodegradable dog waste bags. With these new flushable bags, you can reduce the waste you make by picking up your pet's waste. If you are skeptical that the bags are actually biodegradable, do an experiment and place the empty bag in a bowl of water to see if it disappears. If not, send the bags back!
  • If you're grooming your pet at home, try some organic dog grooming products. Your pup can have a totally organic bathing experience. This is especially good for dogs with sensitive skin, and will leave your pet feeling soothed and itchy free.
  • In order to avoid the harsh chemicals found in everyday cleaners, try an alternative for keeping your house clean and your pet healthy and happy. These organic floor cleaners are non-toxic and pollutant and chemical free.
  • Many of the new organic cleaning products tend to be deodorant free, but will that help remove pet stains and odors? Try an organic pet odor and stain remover. Designed to remove even the nastiest of pet odor, these non-toxic formulas are safe to use around pets, plants and people.
  • If your pet likes to "clean up" after you clean up by licking cleaner off the glass table you just wiped down, try this organic glass cleaner. 
  • To keep you and your pet's dishes clean and safe, you can use organic detergent that's harmless for pets who lick their bowls clean after a meal.
Credit: Reviewed by Amy I. Attas, V.M.D.
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