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Pet PIs Practice Persistence

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KITCHENER, Ontario -- When someone suggested to Deborah Maguire that she call a pet detective to help search for her missing Chihuahua, she thought they were joking.

"I thought, 'Oh, my God, that's a movie -- that's ridiculous,'" Maguire recalls.

But desperate for something to do, or at least something to tell her heartbroken children, she spoke with Ronda Fraser, a pet detective in Kitchener.

Fraser immediately offered to drive to Ottawa. Maguire thought it was time for a reality check: Lola had disappeared during a massive snowstorm a month earlier. Tiny dog plus 30 inches of snow equals ...

"The dog is dead," Maguire said sadly.

"The dog is dead when you give up," Fraser responded. "So, are you going to give up today?"

Well, no, Maguire thought, not when you put it that way. Thus inspired, "Operation: Find Lola" was launched.

Move over, Ace Ventura. Pet detectives have gone from punch line to profession. OK, they're still a punch line, but for those willing to endure the snickers, their services are in high demand. Click here for the full story.

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