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What to Expect from Your Macaw

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Macaws require a great deal of attention, living space and owner knowledge. Macaws are generally intelligent, highly interactive parrots. Blue and gold macaws have a mischievous nature and are the most family-oriented macaw species, even though they may be nervous around strangers. Although scarlet macaws tend to bond with an individual person, they can be untrustworthy and nippy with anyone. Green-winged macaws are less intimidating and calmer but can be very loud. Macaws have limited ability to mimic words. Loud shrieks and squawks may become a problem. Macaws are relatively difficult to breed (with the exception of blue and golds), but the offspring are easy to hand raise. Macaws become aggressive and protective of their nest box during the breeding season.

Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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