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Are Quaker Parrots Tame?

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Because they are territorial, Quakers may be nippy in and around the cage, but are often docile away from the cage. Nipping or biting should not be rewarded by attention, but rather should be ignored, especially when the young bird is beginning to express independence. Quakers respond easily and quickly to common behavior modification techniques. Teaching the young bird simple behaviors, such as "up,'' will establish a positive relationship within the family. Children's play with Quakers should be supervised.

It is best to start training a Quaker as a juvenile bird, keeping the wing feathers trimmed as they grow, and moving the bird from place to place on your hand rather than allowing it to fly. It is important to start with the level of attention you are able and willing to provide long-term and to encourage the bird to play independently.

Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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