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Is your Sugar Glider a male or female?

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Check the lower abdomen for a pouch opening in the female or for the fur-covered testicles in the male; the bifurcated (forked) penis is located at the base of the tail. Males develop a scent gland on the forehead, which they may rub on the female's chest. Males also have anal glands and scent glands on the chest. Both sexes scent-mark territory in a freshly cleaned enclosure.

Sugar gliders breed relatively easily in captivity. The gestation period is only 16 days, at which time the infants make their way to the pouch where they attach to a nipple and stay for 2 months. Ten days after they emerge from the pouch they open their eyes. They wean a month after that but remain in the parental nest. Males help with the care and feeding of the babies.

Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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