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What to expect from your Hedgehog

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Hedgehogs are noiseless, odorless, inoffensive and nondestructive in their manner. They are nocturnal and therefore are active in the evenings. If they are allowed to run in the house, they tend to hide in corners or under furniture. Many hedgehogs dig in carpets or in houseplant dirt, if accessible, and will forage for spiders and insects in the home. Most hedgehogs prefer dim, quiet environments and may react with fright at loud noises or bright lights. Hedgehogs are solitary by nature. When encountering something new in the environment a hedgehog may "taste'' it, then begin hypersalivating and create a foam, which it then spits onto itself. The process is called "anting'' or "anointing.'' Most owners will promptly rinse or bathe the hedgehog to get rid of the material.

Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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