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Background information for Gerbils

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There are 15 gerbil species worldwide, of which the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) is the prevalent pet species in the United States. Mongolian gerbils are native to desert regions of Mongolia and northeastern China. They are active both day and night, but peak activity is at night. They are social animals that live in elaborate underground tunnel systems and burrows. All pet gerbils are captive bred for this market. They make appropriate pets for beginners, and their natural curiosity makes them interesting to watch as they explore their environments. Gerbils are available in a variety of color types: agouti (the free-ranging type or normal color), black, albino, white, cinnamon, lilac, blue, cream, silver and sable. Spotted gerbils with multiple coat colors are also popular.


Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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