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What do Lovebirds do all day?

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Because lovebirds have a very sociable nature, one that is maintained as a single pet would be fine but would tend to bond closely with its human caretaker. In busy families where the time to spend with the bird is limited, a lovebird would be more content in the company of another lovebird. A pair can spend hours preening each other, playing games together and chattering. This companionship helps prevent boredom. Lovebirds can also be easily amused with simple toys. Because they love to chew, any toys must be free of toxic metals, hooks, sharp objects or small, easily consumed components. Providing chew toys or fresh-cut branches from nontoxic trees is recommended for lovebirds. Check with local authorities for recommendations of safe trees.

Credit: Used with permission of the Zoological Education Network.
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